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  1. "insulting every post that someone makes" are you a dumbass? how is he trying to be helpful, just trying to be a smartass.. i asked for price check and he rather got irritated by the way i typed 2 sentences. i have no reason to screw some kid over some pixels.. you know that theres millions of "scams" in the real world that are 100x more profitable than some neeky little kids account if i sell something i need the gp IN GAME to make the game more fun to ME.
  2. LMAO how u get butthurt over that are you a oracle or something how could you know what are my intentions? "hEy mY nAmE iS lUkEyThReESevEnTwO ivE BeEn oN tHe fOrUmS FoR 800 dAyS, iAm a MaNcHiLd, i aLwAyS hAvE sOmeThIng tO wHinE aBoUt, mY aRse bLeEdS iF sOmEoNe wRiTeS oN tHe iNtErNeT WiTh CAPS ON, I hAvE nEvEr dOnE aNyThInG eLsE iN mY LifE tHaN PlAyEd RS." just stfu -.- I will not be selling these accounts via pm 1. the other acc pc was for my friend 2. I have been warned about selling accounts before 100 posts, so i will not be doing it again. 3. I aint recovering shit back i genuinely DGAF, cuz im not obsessed with this game that i play rn 4 nostalgia :DDDD Its a different thing if some1 wants to buy something offsite.
  3. hey man can u pm me?

  4. soz boo next time you give me tips try to say what you really trying to mean.. cant even take the pc serious anymore...troll
  5. PC THESE 4 MAN HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK? https://gyazo.com/bdb54ea197a99198b1eefb5d1c8432d8 https://gyazo.com/c3293dc1b98a60b8761c9fa059262b0c
  6. Gmaul is still good and op without the preload, as long as you can instaspec.
  7. ik thats why i just asked for the price.
  8. how much do you think it is ? https://gyazo.com/d65ab4f5018fdac48969f59d9942f927 https://gyazo.com/ae8d3a0a3dd20c9576d7d5e41029f8b2
  9. do  you sell any pures by chance?

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