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  1. is there a way to fight at experiments and only kill the lvl 25's? (the lvl 51 hits too hard for pures)
  2. trial please, very interested
  3. @Czar i was selecting adamite ore from the list, but i moved over to the gem rocks at shilo village (just the normal ones not the special place from the diary) it was doing alright until my character filled his inventory with gems and tried to find the bank. instead he was just walking randomly around the rocks for atleast one hour…. hope i don't get banned but could you fix this problem i could also send you my logs if you would like and if you need an account with the requirements for gem rock mining u could use my account
  4. when i try to mine adamite ore at the dwarven mine it spaces out and my character moves back and forth but it doesnt mine the adamite so i don't really like this script however it is good for powermining iron-ore but thats about it
  5. i just bought the script but there is no anit-ban pattern such as random camera movement, hovering the mining skill, rightclicking other players. will this be added soon?
  6. does this work for the falador mine and the mining guild\ and can i have a free trial
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