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  1. Haven't had any problems with injection in any other scrips, and my IP is not flagged, since i haven't been banned before. Im curious why you think injection is the issue? Quote from Pact himself "For the best results while using this script, use Injection mode, as mirror mode is still buggy"
  2. 1400 total account banned in 48 mins of botting, beware of this script. Haven't botted on it in months, so not another script or anything.
  3. No this was before the new release but anyhow, correct it sets up a trap that falls before checking traps - this is just rather "botlike" seeing as you check a trap and instead of putting up the same trap again, its runs 8-9 squares to the trap that fell down, before running back to the same trap you just checked and set that up again. I have no experience in scripting, so no idea if that is an easy fix or even possible.
  4. Hello! Used this lovely script from 32 to red salamanders, sadly got a 1 day ban today. I believe it was because of the red salamanders, the movement there is completely unhuman. The traps you put up first will always be 1st priority, imo no problem - yet the first trap to fall is always first choice too, so if 2 traps drops at the same time and I just check a trap, instead of putting up the trap I just checked, it runs maybe 8-9 squares to the trap furthest away which fell down first, even tho I'm standing beside a trap just checked and not set up and there is a fallen trap closer - which make my man literally running in zic-zac. I hope this makes sense, cause that is definitely something you should look into! I am extremely cautious when botting - max 1 hour and a half a day, spread out through 30-45 mins of botting time. I almost do a quest a day too and I like the script alot, but after seeing the red salamander I have almost no doubt that that is what got me banned. Hope you will "fix" this or atleast do something about it, for future use and for every other people using it!
  5. The script looks amazing, but I would very much like a trial and try it out before buying! Liked and logo added
  6. Hello! I would love to tryout Czar Thiever, if i am happy with it i'll certainly be buying it for 99 thieving! E: Nvm, just bought it instead!
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