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  1. While I try to get 100 posts on here so I can sell accounts to people is there any other botting forum that I can sell my level 3 accounts?
  2. I'm asking a question? xD
  3. What is Alora? It is on OSBots homepage and it says it is the biggest private server for runescape? What does that even mean?
  4. Can I buy 2captcha credits from anyone? I can't get any of the ways to pay work. I tried bitcoin but I can’t exchange. I will pay through PayPal or Skrill
  5. Is there any good subreddits on reddit for RuneScape botting? I’ve found a few but they have like 6 users and no one is active
  6. That is a very good profit. How long have you been botting for?
  7. That is a very good profit actually What do you do with the gp? Do you do f2p or p2p
  8. Is there a script on this client that auto created account for you? Like you put in your 2captcha key and it auto creates account for you?
  9. Yeah I know im tryna get 100 posts
  10. Wow that was a dumb idea to buy so many proxies lol
  11. yeah i know but i dont really know how to get to it any other way Who's lycen?
  12. They would be sold at 0.03 cents so around 30k per account
  13. What do you do with the accounts you bot for stats?
  14. do you guys think that I would get any sales If I sold level 3 accounts that have completed tut island? Also I'd be selling level 3 accounts that have 7 quest points.
  15. Has your account you bot for stats ever got banned?
  16. Has anyone even made money goldfarming in this game? Whenever I ask people how they have done botting they say that they just do it for fun and don't make money ussually.
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