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  1. 3mil will be more then enough mate. 3mil will be more then enough
  2. fuck knows what you were doing wrong, i completed every single quest on this script except two that i had already done and accounts fine. might need to look at how you bot..
  3. when i start a quest with a preset it just keeps closing the script? what am i doing wrong

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    2. lankypom123


      just checked with dragon dagger and the preset worked. thankyou for your patience. if i encounter any more bugs i will shoot you a message. 10/10 on the script.

    3. Token
    4. lankypom123


      hey man i cant start shadow of the storm quest. when i click start it asks me to set a preset with a dragon dagger + + but there is no option to add one? there is only dragon dagger and dragon dagger (p) any ideas?

  4. dont know if im doing somthing wrong when i select my quests and click the green tick to start them the script shuts down? any ideas??
  5. does this run in mirror mode, or should i just run it in stealth?
  6. just got this now, will this run ok on mirror mode? or will i still have to run it on injection mode?. feel alot safer running it in mirror mode to be honest.
  7. how do i enable eating on the perfect agility bot?

    1. Czar


      Make sure there is food in inventory and the bot will automatically eat when low hp :D 

    2. Czar


      Let me know if the bot doesn't eat so I can check it out and fix :D But it's eating fine for me rn

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