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  1. I wasn't expecting such a fast response lol just made a new character doing these quests fast as possible lol thank you tho
  2. can i get a triali want to see how effective i can be with before purchase
  3. so I've noticed that I botted a full day fishing on my main but I was interacting with others and stuff just not actually doing the fishing and didn't get banned. does that play a part in getting banned?
  4. Yeha I know I made a f2p and I botted iron ore for like 2 hours then I went and manually did 2 quests and manually fought cows for a little bit and stilll got banned
  5. and how much of a difference will the mirroring Botting make?
  6. yeah I wanna start getting into buying scripts and membership. do you actually play on the accounts you bot with or do you just get on bot for 2 hours then stop and do again the next day?
  7. so how do y'all bypass the new character trade limit and stuff because if I do bot ill prolly just get banned before I can even make little cash off of it. im sorry im new just trying to learn
  8. So I’ve noticed I’ve gotten banned but I was suiciding so I’m not complaining but I wanna know what y’all do for members Bc I don’t really see a point in buying members and just getting that account banned. Are there scripts that tend to get banned more than others or should I just use the “take a break” more often. like maybe say I have my bot run for 4 hours then a hour break and like at night let it run for like 2 hours then break for like 5 or sometginf woudk that help to stay safe or does it really just matter if people reports me. I was bottinf iron ore at Varrock that might be wh
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