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  1. I'm still pretty new to the bot community however i have used just about every bot client out their and have been a VIP/donor with Dream bot and given all the major ones a few day free trial since im new to this and wanted to find the best one...Out of all the scripts I've used your AIO script is amazing man and by far the best besides some Private scripts but even then im sure this beats alot of those badly..... hands down the best script for the price and probably one of the best scripts regardless of price even beating alot of premium scripts...again i'm fairly new tho this is said in comparison to every bot site ive used ive yet to see anything near as flawless or easy to use as your script... it should be called bot script for dummy's because its just so easy to use.  haven't been banned yet on it either and i'm far past the point of where i normally get banned with similar scripts im not even using a Proxie or vpn either.... and my ip is definetly flagged. you are definitely innovating the bot community with this kind of product and making Osbot the number 1 bot site out their. not only does this script have dam near everything i need but it also works significantly better with so far almost no problems, bugs, or any issues at all... i used several premium paid scripts that only specifically do 1 simple job like wood cut or only mine or only craft compared to your again FREE script that does dozens and dozens of task! its literally at least 15-30 Well running paid premium scripts in one maybe more AND ITS FREE!...every task used with your script has just run significantly better or equal to any premium/paid script that i have used. i have lost all respect for almost every other script writer on all the sites that i have used and question why they are even aloud to post or charge money for their scripts when i now realize that none of them know what they are doing... you make them look bad, you embarrass them, and make it to where everyone can see most writers are incapable of doing the jobs they claim they should be paid for or that most are just flat out scammers. i hope you continue to improve upon the AIO script since i already have no need for any other scripts i now only use yours and a few other free and paid ones that I've found. like i said i use to use dream bot and a few other sites until trying osbot again and with finding this i have uninstalled all my other 3rd party bot programs and now only use OSBOT. the owners of OSBOT should thank you since you have gotten them me as a paying VIP customer for as long as i am playing OSRS... i also respect the owners of osbot for making this a free with VIP script and for the response they made on the forum to somebody's comment when this script was about to come out about how your aio script would never be aloud since it makes all other scripts irrelevant and nobody would buy anything else... it totally does and its awesome...other script writers clearly need to step up their game or get out of your way or just stop writing the garbage they do make and just install your script because they clearly cannot do any better... (i know their are still other talented writers out their its not all but most i feel this about) THANK YOU would you please respond to how i can send you a Donation for you wonderful work.... i would love to send you a generous tip to show you my appreciation for making my boting experience enjoyable when so many other scriptwriters could not all while costing me so much time frustration and money making me feel like a idiot who has been ripped off.... they expected me to pay/ did make me pay for their bs marketing and lazy effort that i failed to notice until finding you so thank you Explv your the man!

    1. Explv


      Thank you for your kind words, I appreciate it! I do try to work on and improve the script when I have time, if you find any bugs please do report them on the thread.

      Good luck with your botting :)

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