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  1. Hello everyone! As the title suggests, this is my first script that I submit. Have a few that is working for me that never has been shared. This is the first one I'm doing with a GUI, everything is working except for the fact that only the first option in the GUI dropdown works. If I select anything else it just goes to the "Else" part of the GUI selection. I might have been staring myself blind trying to figure this one out and missed the obvious. Anyhow, feel free to give me criticism and suggestions. And if anyone can help me solve my GUI selection problem I'd love you for ever! Here it all is: https://github.com/Snaert/GeneralKiller P.S New to Java so there will be inefficiencies in the code. Still figuring everything out
  2. Just gonna pop this in here just incase it's been missed. @Explv knows what's he's doing too
  3. Hey I'm pretty new myself, got a combat script up and running, but the code is very very messy and inefficient, But it works... for now. Feel free to add me too Snaert#9075
  4. Thank you so much! This is awesome! Don't know if everyone is getting this but when i try to start a bot (pressing the "New" button) i get this error [ERROR][04/05/13 04:51:32 em]: Failed to load client! I know this isn't a help thread im just posting this to let you know =)
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