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  1. Is the the Shakur from before?

  2. Literally no other company has decent internet service here, trust me I have checked. All $1,200 won't be goldfarming but maybe 80% will and it's possible, if it takes a bit longer than a month that's fine.
  3. Hi everyone, I am Shakur. I joined in July 2013 and at one point was a very active member. I made a lot of goal threads that I never accomplished due to the fact that I was too lazy to do them. The threads were pretty popular though and I am back with a new goal. I have $1,200 owed to Comcast (don't ask why it's a long story) and my service (Internet, TV, telephone) was terminated and now I have Verizon which is absolute terrible internet and terrible service in general because Verizon Fios isn't offered in my area. I can't stream because of this and my internet speeds are 2.5 download/.8 upload. Streaming has always been really fun and I believe I can make it into a career if I try hard enough. With the implementation of the GE, I plan on making the money to reopen my Comcast service and get the internet I need to properly stream. I will be updating this thread daily and I hope you keep up with my progress. TLDR: Make $1200 so I can pay off my Comcast bill and livestream on Twitch. Money Made: $200.00/$1200.00 Accounts: 1/5 Day 1: Day 2: Wish me luck and before anyone asks, yes I have done this before. Thanks!
  4. LOL. She should do the dutch ones for sure but you're going a bit over the top.
  5. ok thats fuckin great dawg Hi ScorpioZ (Scorp took Ricky's account after his death and currently uses it) this is inside information someone had to die that day man I miss you ricky
  6. That's where the really dirty stuff happens when we get back in the car. Maybe in another year and a half.
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