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  1. Just now, Greengo said:


    if you want i can give you a picture of my xbox one and ps4 since in my last pic i still had my Ps3 from over 2 years ago LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL


    ill slap my huge cock on it too so you can drl in amazement all night soy boi hehehehehe

    Yeah, you seem a little insecure there buddy. Add us on snapchat "mypenisisawmd" and let's compare dongs. I don't think you're brave enough, as I have a real strong feeling that you never leave the house and try to act "sicc" on the internet. You saying stupid shit online doesn't make anyone think you're cool, we literally all just laugh at you...

    1. Greengo


      lelelel you just mad as fook cause your a drider and you got nothing and know nothing kiddo


      i dont even use snap chat n that shz do i look like a loser in real life hahahahahah

    2. purplewatilla
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