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  1. Good luck with creating a new account every 12 hours. I have been testing this for my script.. Runs longer then 12 hours result in an insta 2 day ban.
  2. Natures have a very high ban rate.
  3. Now now I know you can't stand me but no need to get offensive. I have as many rights to post in this thread as anyone else. As far as the job comparison, I don't remember signing any contracts which state that you will be payed EXACTLY every 7 days. Not to mention if I remember correctly the SDN section says that they will do their best to pay you every 7 days.
  4. I don't like to do this but let me write this out for you Archon said the following: Now we're going to do some simple counting: Wed nr 1 - Start Thu - Day nr 1 Fri - Day nr 2 Sat - Day nr 3 Sun - Day nr 4 Mon - Day nr 5 Tue - Day nr 6 Wed nr 2 - Day nr 7 Thu - Complain day According to this 8 days passed since the pay date. The complaints started the 8th day. So he has been waiting a maximum of 8 days (which isn't that long in my opinion). And instead of PMing the admin for information he goes public with it causing people to spread rumors like: "seeing so many scripters not getting paid. its ridicilious. staff doesnt give a fuck.". I made this up using the information in the thread correct me if I am wrong.
  5. They are getting payed. They are just greedy and can't seem to wait a few days.
  6. how so? Looks good. You could try adding in an id value as first argument so the enum can be easily used in combination with a comboBox.
  7. Neodork

    BETA v1.7.51

    Thanks I appreciate it!
  8. Appreciate it! Thanks for the fixes.
  9. No you should simply post them in the SuperScript thread. Because SuperScript scripts, are not scripts at all.
  10. Random event name: Rewards Description of what went wrong/correct: An item in the inventory was selected. Preventing the bot to press the experience lamp. I figure it has to deselect before trying to solve the lamp. Media:
  11. Smithy now on the SDN!

  12. If you get sued for DDOS-ing you deserve it.
  13. That's a nice snippet.. There is no need for 2 loops though, OSBot already has a method which searches for the item name: bank.getItemForName(); So I formatted a bit, other than that I like it and was already using something similar. private String getBankItem(String ...itemNames) { Bank bank = this.client.getBank(); if(!client.getBank().isOpen() || itemNames == null || itemNames.length < 0) { return null; } for(String name:itemNames){ Item selectedItem = bank.getItemForName(name); if(selectedItem !=null){ return name; } } return null; }
  14. Download JD-Gui and decompile the jar to see what's inside.
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