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[Mini-Game] Rogue's Den

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Hi there, I'm requesting Rogue's Den mini game to archive the full set of rogue's. This mini game also reward you for uncut gem's up to diamonds. This might be intressing, and can make loads of money ! This might also a challenge for a script rank. And i dont know where to post script suggestion.


Location & how to get there:


Teleport to burthroop. And walk to the bar go downstairs where the bonfire is from ''rogue's cooker bot''

Talk to a guy named (Baron O'Richard) get a gem from him then enter a gate somewhere besides him!





50+ Agility


50+ Thieving




(Copy right. This is not for advertising any videos this is an example for a simple instruction

I'm not the owner of the YouTube channel and i use it for fair usage)



I'm also rewarding ''Paying'' after complete.

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