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Hi, i'm willing to join a group of motivated individuals who are skilled, knowledgeable, and intelligent to work on a project. Whatever the project is, i'll be happy to join as the Designer and produce quality work to meet the needs of the art work that is necessary.


I've been Graphic Designing since early 2014, and these past 2 years I've progressed allot and produced allot of work.


I am very serious about this, i do not want to work with 12-13 year old chaps who have no expertise or any skills. I expect to join and work with a group of smart people and work seriously on the project.


I've invested allot of my personal time into purchasing courses to learn and expand my skills even further.


I can as well design 2D Game Maps and anything else required such as props and weaponry.


Additional information: I will be heading to university to major in Graphic Designing soon.


Information about myself:


- A keen and a potential designer.

- I'm a strong team player.

- I collaborate and discuss ideas for further development/production.

- I'm always open to constructive criticism when it comes to improving my work.

- I'm 19 years old, 20 in a few months.

- Mature and reliable.


Other Experiences:


- Completed 300+ orders of graphics work.

- Worked with a few projects in the past, but it has been long since I have not worked in any.

- Community Management.

- I currently run my graphic services here and other websites.




Those who already have my skype, feel free to message me. Those who don't, just PM me on forums so I can see what you'd like to offer.


Past work of my 2D Art (Definitely not my best)








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