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Bought VIP - lost Scripter I rank


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Few days ago I asked Dex about changing my username (Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/95490-how-do-you-change-your-display-name-on-forums/)


I was trying to get my username changed from Megamanalpha to DragonAlpha.


Dex said I have to buy VIP for that, exceptions can't be made for me.








So I bought VIP just now to change my display name, and it all worked.


But the problem now is that I've lost access to the private Scripters forum and my Scripter rank went away! Even though MattGP is a VIP, his Scripter rank stayed.





1) Can Scripter I be applied back to me please?


2) Can Scripter be my primary category? (Blue writing, not purple). If no, then please do a VIP removal on me (you can keep the money). Consider this a refund, without needing to pay me back. (Only wanted to change name).


IMPORTANT: please don't remove the VIP until I get Scripter rank because otherwise I will lose access to MirrorMode. (If VIP is removed first, and it takes a few days to get Scripter back, that's a few days where I can't use MirrorMode or more than 2 bots)



Other problems - can't access my script stats page:








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