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Client Use (OPEN NOW)


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So initially on my DMM main I botted 1 or 2 sessions like 5 days ago of around 9 hours each on avg. From then I have been playing legit and just waiting to see if there will be a delay ban. Although sometimes I use a combat script here and there and just babysit it when I need a break from training by hand (no more then 2/3 hour sessions max) my account has survived thus far but I am curious in how the whole situation where jagex can tell what client you play in comes into play.... Is it too late to try to switch to mirror mode? Or maybe even use OSBuddy? I am just paranoid to switch clients because then they will know for sure if they were suspicious that I was botting and using a botting client that all of a sudden I just switch and play legit (unless they will mark that A for effort) ..... just really confused and paranoid on what to do bc I can't stop botting completely I just don't have that much interest to play legit all the time.....



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Thanks guys , I thought this because I was reading somewhere in the Mirror Client guide that Maldesto said if they did in fact know (which I honestly believe they would) that the mirror client would resolve the issue and I feel paranoid changing to something that has been working this far but being able to play in osbuddy would help a lot lol 

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