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Gold buying question


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I bought 10m last night, I just got home from work, login to osrs and all my gold is gone. I'm curious as to what happened to it. Did jagex catch the account I got the gold from for rwt and banned them which in return also took my gold or did I get caught for rwt and they took it for doing so? 


Just curious. Thanks friends.

Never mind delete this thread. I was hacked gg.

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Hahahah well the first thing I noticed was just my cash stack gone half legit and half bought. So I figured I got caught rwt because I just got off a 48hr temp ban. Thought it was another shot at not getting completely banned. 


Didn't really notice till I went to my pk gear tab and noticed 90% of my gear gone. Hahahahaha


I scanned my pc and nothing came up. Ooooooh well.

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