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Uncle sam needs your help!


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  • Please let me start by saying this is not a flame post to anything/one mentioned below and is more a warning to others firstly and also a forum for the forum to explore bot tactics.


I purchased vip, got a few bots, mollys druid, goldgdk, cows wine maker and null hunter. I had 3 members bots running like this


1 Null hunter, druid.  Banned overnight while not logged in for 11 hours , either report or bot misfunction during running time.

23 hour run time total.


2 null hunter gold dgk, druid. banned before getting to green dragons on start up.

18 hour run time total.


3 cows, druid. live account still working.

7 hour run time total.


I was using sock 5's and also I tried to run it as legitimately as I could. I didn't do 16 hour stints and downtime breaks gwere long and irregular for botting accounts.


The one the alarmed me most was the instant ban on No. 2 as if it is script related that needs to be looked at.


Could someone try help save bond money and let me know if you have been recently banned on any of the aforementioned scripts?



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