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Losing Bank ( aftermath of not cashing out )


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So i just lost bank.. 300m to staking.. Funny thing is, i would win 100m and then lose it all plus the stack i was using to stake with. How can you lose 100m you ask? i think its the addiction and you lose focus on what really is the most important thing. CASHING OUT!


The way it went..

Started off with 10m.. Doubled that quick. started staking 3-5m at a time made it to 50m+ Started xing lower lvls 40m for 33m-30m ( with chances of losing, but they were slim ) made it to 120m. two Clean stakes lost 100m. Had 20m left.

Eventually i bought more gold.. Around 40m. 



Current stack 60m.


How it ended..

After buying this gp i had i decided to stake again.. ( bad decision on my part ) 

So i have 60m i decided to put all odds aside and do 33m stakes with the same stats as me, I won most of these until i got around to 200m+ winning 140m. The other person had 64m left decided to do what people at duel arena say " clean me " this word is the devils word. You want to give the person a chance, but like i said before the most important thing is cashing out. Apparently i was on the " high " of gambling, lost complete focus of my money and cashing out with + 100m or so. Decided to try to " clean "  the person, lost the 64m stake. So now we need the money back.. Did 3-4 Stakes lost the rest of my cash. Completely depressed at this point. Then i realized what had just happened. I went from 10m to 120m. to 20m to ' buying more gp ' to winning 140m to losing it all. 


The addiction and losing focus is real.



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Staking is toxic. It's an addiction I got rid of a long time ago. Please don't return to the duel arena, you'll find that your RS experience will get SO much better, when you stop telling yourself "Oh just another stake" .. or "I'll leave if I win this one" etc..



I'm never going to stake again so there is no worry in that. I lose focus way to much.

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Lol bro you're lucky you just lost like 50$ worth of your own money. I know people irl that lose like 5-10K$ gambling irl poker in like a months worth of time. Personally I've lost about 3000$ playing poker in my lifetime.


Sometimes in life we waste money it's not that big of a deal, just be glad you didn't lose so much because I'll guarantee you there's probably people on OSRS that only login to stake and when they do that, only the bigger and bigger amounts can get you that high. It's literally a high of adrenaline, so yep can get addicted

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