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Looking For Nearly Any Account Build (Unreg'ed Emails Only)


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I'm interested in nearly any account build there is, but the account(s) must not have a registered email (log-in email must not be really created) Willing to buy multiple accounts, I have quite a bit to invest into accounts.

If you're able to create any of the builds, contact me and I'll be happy to create an account and start it up.


Higher wanted accounts would be:


F2P Pure(s) {40 atk pures, range pures, mage pures, hybrid of all}


DDS Pure / Staker {60atk, preferably MM completed, mith gloves would be a big bonus, etc}


Main {With decent stats all around, so it can be a nice starter main / completed main}


AGS / Baby AGS Pure {75atk}


G-Mauler / Rusher {50atk with decent mage + DT complete, or 50 atk with decent range}


Skillers {No combat skills, decent skill levels}


And a few others, but those are most of the builds I'm interested in.


If the account has a registered email, I most likely won't be interested.


Contact me on here via inbox, or add my Skype.

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