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Hiring Workers! Lots of work Available!


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We are currently over stocked with orders for power leveling and pest control. Our team consists of 3 people so far but we need more. If you are a hard working player with time and effort to make some serious GP then please read on!


Positions Available:


  • Power Levelling
  • Pest Control

More positions will be needed soon: questing, Fire cape and defender service!




  1. A 5-10M deposit fee will be required! The more deposit put down, the bigger % you get of each job! If you leave within 2 weeks or complete less than 10 orders you will not receive your deposit back! if you complete more than 10 than you can receive 95% back. If you complete 20+ orders you can receive 100% back!
  2. You will be given all gear and materials required to complete the order, unless told otherwise. 
  3. You must complete all jobs you agree to take on. If you do not complete a job you will not be paid for it. If you fail to complete 3 jobs you will be removed from the team and receive 0% of your deposit.
  4. If any third party resources are used i.e Bots! you will be removed from the team, loose your deposit and also will be reported on this website!
  5. If you plan to be unavailable for any time, you must let me know so I can re arrange the orders. If you become unresponsive for more than 2 days without informing me, you will be removed from the team.
  6. You will only accept the orders I give you and not from customers.


All workers will be paid in OS rsgp on completion of there task. 

Please fill in this application form if you wish to join our team! 


Do you agree to all T.O.S:
How much deposit can you pay:
What position(s) are you applying for:
What experience do you have in the position you are applying for:
How many hours are you available per day:
What is your skype:


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