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Sumos Bot Ready VPS


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Welcome to my new VPS shop!


Im developing a new website/service where I will be selling bot ready VPS/droplets that will be setup within a minute. My goal is to create a system where you only pay for the amount of time you are actually botting. This is a huge advantage when gold farming or just botting in general as this makes it possible for you throw away the droplet (and also the "bot flagged" ip adress) as soon as you get banned. This means no unnecessary monthly costs and also no need for proxies or similar services. 


The biggest problem right now is that I do not have unlimited IP adresses. I think that I have a solution that's gonna work. but I want to be able to guarantee that one IP will never be used again as soon as it is "flagged" so I will keep working on this until I have a perfect system.


I am not even close to done with the automated service, I am still in the stage where I am testing different server providers so I have a lot of "available server space" which is not being used at the moment so my plan right now is to accept orders and manually set up droplets for you guys. 


Since this is a very early stage of my new service, I'll will try to offer you fair prices, if you think im charging to much, send me a message and we'll talk about it. My goal right now is only to get back some of the server costs while I'm researching and developing the service.



I have no "fixed prices" yet but I am thinking 10$/11M per month for 4GB ram. The servers are located in USA and they will be running Windows. I will set up everything for you. 


I would actually prefer to go first, as long as you are trusted, since I am fairly new to this community. 



Leave a comment if you are interested! Also mention how much RAM you'll need!



Send me a private message with your Skype name if you prefer to talk over skype.

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