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Offering CS:GO boosts for RSGP/Skins


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I'm a pretty new guy to the forums, but don't let that scare you.


I offer boosts all the way up to GE, from any rank. Price varying ofcourse.


About myself:


  • CS since 2000
  • Played mostly 1.0 to 1.6, quit at some point
  • Started CS:GO 1 year ago, managed to get two accounts in to Global in a few months of practice. First global at 99 wins and second on the other account at 43 wins.
  • We can do duo-q boosts, if you provide me a low enough ranked account
  • Can also boost from your account, this method should be a bit quicker.


I have not set any prices in stone yet, all matters can be discussed. I will update this post later on.

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I make real life money in a large scale.

You have a point there yes. But it's more about the average joe.



My idea was more like this;


You cheat/bot to gain levels that you wouldn't get otherwise (IE. rank to global elite in CSGO?)


Also the higher ranks gives you the benefit to play with higher leveled players, meaning you will learn more if you're willing to. You gain access to totally new things on a whole new level -- game play wise and game sense wise.


Some people want the rank to boast to their friends. Some people want 99 str to boast to friends.


Some people want higher rank to play with better players. Some people want 99 str to pk with better players.


It's all relative. I could achieve a competitive status in CS:GO and make money with it sure, or coach people to that level. Problem is, my time now is very limited due to a job, wife and a child.



Edit: I'm willing to give out freebies to prove myself to a small amount of people who wish for a rank update.

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