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Botting accounts to 60-60-60


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I did a few accs with CMH rockcrabs, untill 70 and then continued with fruitnmz.


3 survived and still running @ almost maxed stats

7 got banned at rockcrabs


so its not the best place to bot probably,but yeah i was basicly running 18 hours on those accs maybe to much lol

Wow sounds like high banrate aha, I tend to bot with lots of breaks and less frequency

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depends on where your botting i suppose?, i know rock crabs have a high ban rate any way!. They always have done since i've been botting back in 2007, use breaks like any human would tbh?. I use 60 minutes and then small break and back too it!. Plus id bot times that are your awake hours not sleeping hours?. Good luck bro!

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