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IP Flagged or not? **Need Some Assistance**


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I have been trying to start my own bot farm. Obviously it takes time learning what script will work for you and what not.


I currently HAD 9 bots running, 3 member, 6 nonmember. I had 6 of these accounts get banned after running for about 8 hours a day for 3 days. Not a long time, but I was doing some obvious places:






The usual, but something happened. 6 accounts got banned. The first 3 I tried to log into, the account would login, after about 3 seconds my client would freeze and say "Trying to reestablish connection." Then trying to login after that, perma ban. On 3 accounts straight. 


So the other 3 I have checked on the RS website they are not banned...Yet on one account I tried to log in and the same thing happened like the other 3... login...kicked....perm ban.


Am I being IP flagged? or does it just not show that you are banned unless you sign in?


Thank you again,




P.S. I have a few more questions if possible, will reply to post ASAP.

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