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League of legends boosting


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Me and mma321, are starting up a boosting service.


We are both master players, that have been playing since season 1 and boosted since season 3.


We got a 95% win rate from bronze to diamond 5 Duoqueing, and a 90% soloqueing. 


Placement matches:


We will win atleast 8/10 games


Unranked 3m game.


Bronze 2m game.


Silver 3m game.


Gold 4m game.


Platinium 5m game.


Diamond 7m game.


Division boost


Bronze 5-1 14m per league.
Bronze 1 to silver 5 17m.
Silver 5-1 18m per league.
Silver 1 to gold 5 25m.
Gold 5-1 30m per league.
Gold 1 to platinium 5 35m.
Plat 5-4 37m.
Plat 4-3 40m.
Plat 3-2 43m.
Plat 2-1 46m.
Plat 1 diamond 5 55m.
Diamond 5-4 100m.
Diamond 4-3 120m.
Diamond 3-2 140m.
Diamond 2-1 160m.
Single game boosts.
Bronze 3m for a win.
Silver 4.5m for a win.
Gold 7m for a win.
Platinium 12m for a win.
Diamond 5 15m for a win.
Diamond 4 20m for a win.
Diamond 3 25m for a win.
Diamond 2 30m for a win.
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