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Bot going in sleep mode / crash


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Has happened two times now, a random event pops up just as the bot clicks on the spinning wheel, making the built-in random event dismiss-feature lose its mind when it cant find the random event npc and just turn the client into sleepmode.


*The bot does not understand that theres an interface open on the screen when trying to dismiss a random.

  • v 2.4.33
  • Own created script for spinning flax
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There's no need to even dismiss random events in the first place because they don't affect you anyway. And if you think that not dismissing them will somehow increase your chances of being banned then I'm sorry but you're retarded.





ON topic; the script is put in sleep mode while the client tries to handle the random event.

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If you let the random event just follow you around chances are that a player is going to report you. If you just ignore the random event while still doing plenty of actions it also looks a bit odd. I always dismiss them unless its a rewarding one when I play for real anyways. But this is too much off topic, the bot is broken >:(

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