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GTA V Cash Service (Online PC) • 180+ Feedbacks • 0-Ban Guarantee • Cheaper than Rockstar


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Hello and welcome to my GTA V Online Cash Service.

I am doing cash transfers in GTA V Online (PC Only atm).


Short on cash and want that fancy new car or apartment, but don't quite have the economy for it, and don't want to be ripped of by purchasing GTA V Shark Credit cards?

- Don't worry, I'm here to help you out!


I'll offer you a safe, friendly and most important of all, a cheaper alternative!

I guarantee, that i can provide a must better price than if you were to purchase these shark credit cards from Rockstar or Steam.


Packages and Pricing:

Bronze Package • $1M ($1.000.000) - $3,50

Silver Package • $2M ($2.000.000) - $6

Gold Package • $5M ($5.000.000) - $9

Sapphire Package • $10M ($10.000.000) - $15

Emerald Package • $20M ($20.000.000) - $25

Ruby Package • $30M ($30.000.000) - $35

Diamond Package • $50M ($50.000.000) - $45

Custom package • ASK FOR PRICING


See the real (and expensive) prices for GTA V Credit Cards here.


I accept:

• Paypal (Trusted users only)

• Skrill

• Neteller

• Bitcoins

• RS07 GP

• RS3 GP




Terms of service:


• I have the right to deny any incoming order or package, if I cannot provide you at the current time.


• I do not require your Rockstar or steam login details, I only need you to add me as friend on Social Club.


• No refunds will be given once a order is fulfilled, since this is a online and virtual service, the return policy is void once the delivery is completed.


• If your Rockstar account gets banned or interacted due to this service, within 7 days of delivery, you will receive a 100% refund. After 7 days this guarantee is void. You must show proof, if this happens.


• Once an order is complete, you will leave me a positive feedback, failing to do so will result in a neutral feedback from me.


• Payment must be done up-front, unless I deem you more trustworthy than me.


• You will be instructed and guides though by me once you order, so please follow my directions.



Any questions related to this service, please send me a PM or add my Skype, don't post them on this thread.


Contact me:




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Seems kinda expensive, I can buy off some guy from another site much cheaper. Goodluck with sales though.

Hi there.

You are right - I have adjusted my prices to better match competitive sellers. Please bear in mind that the methods used may very, as well as the service quality compared to other sites and sellers, with different amount of trust.


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