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How do you not get banned?


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Hi, after the permanent ban of my main account I haven't been able to keep any new account from getting banned within 3-4 days of botting on it. I don't have the will to make another main account and alternate between botting and playing legit and doing quests and stuff like that.


I've been trying to make accounts to get quick money, (getting stats for nat rcing or shark fishing) not for like large scale gold farming purposes just to see if I can make some sort of a profit from the game at like one account at a time.


Bottom line, I was wondering how you guys manage to keep botting account from getting banned so quickly, it seems like the bot detection system is so good right now.



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The sad truth is that it is really good right now. You need to refrain from f2p worlds entirely. I've managed to get accounts to 2 weeks without getting banned by following a relatively human-like botting pattern. Stopping every 2 hours and logging out. Stopping after 10 minutes sometimes to make it look real. Doing some quests, training other skills, etc. 


The moment you get lazy on that, is the moment you get banned. 

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botting fishing, wc ,crafting is the most botted skills ingame lol, obv you gonna get banned, and maybe your ip is flagged?


and dont bot like a idiot, take breaks and usally those free scripts are used by many players. Same patterns and same clicking on the same pixels leads to easier way to detect bots i believe, so maybe invest in paid scripts., they are usally little bit better with anti-ban with them.

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