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Hey everyone, I'm Pdub, im new to this website. Im trying to get involved with the community here. and meet everyone. So I wanted to make this thread to help everyone out with something I personally see as a must have for botters. A remote desktop app. I use Chrome remote desktop but there are others one out there. What this allows me to do is check on my bots on my phone while im not at my house. The app lets you use your laptop off of your smart phone, and it works great. Not only can you check on your bot, but you can play runescape in general. Granted its not the best for playing runescape, and I wouldn't do something like pk or anything high risk on the game, but you can do a lot. I play pest control when im at work and it slows down, waiting at Doctors office, etc. I will say it is perfect for botting. You can make sure your bot is running, log off, restart, tweak or change bots anytime during the day from the convenience of your cell phone. I hope this tip helps everyone and that is it for now. Message me if you need help with it or anything you want to ask about. Ill be around

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Yeah I said in the post there are other apps out there, I was just giving an example. I'm sure there a whole lot of them. I just was excited back in the day when I found out you could do this so I just wanted to make sure every knew there was a way to do this.

you dont need to justify yourself ^^ 

i just said im using teamviewer

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Already using, nothing new


yeah did i say that it was new? did i ask if you were using it? lol im just trying to help people out that dont know about it. I looked around to see if there were any topics about it and asked people on the chat if i should create a thread about it. just trying to help mate thats all but good for you for knowing about it...badass!


sorry for being a smart ass, im just trying to help thats all. I guess most everyone knows about it but even if this helps one or two people that dont then i did my job smile.png

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