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Disputed Negative Feedback - Dragonrodeo


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Disputed Member:[member=dragonrodeo]
Why it should be removed:This was dealt with in the dispute and Dex came to the conlcusion that I am not obliged to since Dragonrodeo clearly agreed to my terms when he applied for the job.


Dex, on 13 Dec 2015 - 10:02 PM, said:snapback.png

His TOS state it is 50% refundable if you work for him longer than 3 months. So he isn't obligated to refund you even though the right thing to do would be to refund you.

Great, can the dispute be closed then since I am at no wrong here because these are the terms he agreed to orginially. I even offered him a 50% refund even though he's only been with me for 5 days but he didn't seem to like that and wants a 100% refund. It is up to me if I'd like to refund him or not and if he didn't like my terms, he shouldn't have agreed to my terms anyways.

In addition he made 34m off my services and still wants his 5m refund back? I think that's just not fair seeing as he comes for 5 days gets amazing orders in hope that he'll be with me for a long time and then just decides to leave with his deposit? It puts me in a situation where I have too many orders coming in now and less workers because I wasn't trying as hard to look for workers since he was on the team.

Requesting a close on this dispute please.

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