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Dipute: Dragonrodeo vs. Nay bely


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Disputed member: Nay Bely

Thread Link: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/87919-naybelys-aio-services-now-hiring-workers-offer-for-first-workers/


I for the Last few days been working for NayBely's service in which i have completed every order in good time , there has been no breaking of the rules going on. i have come to a point where i have needed to step aside due to buying new house IRL this was taken well by Nay, the dispute arrives in where i paid a 5m deposit to cover his business incase i did any botting etc scamming (please note nothing like this happened).

he is saying he shall not give me back my deposit due to i have not worked with him for more than '3 months or he deems long enuf' and as he says check the TOS which does not cover any leaving of the service off free will due to other obligations

Solution i am looking for is : my 5m osgp back thank you


Image Link : https://gyazo.com/aff626827a67f39f37fd6a706ac272c3





final Note : his terms of service do not cover either party i am after him to do the right thing and give me back my 5m i have not resorted to leaving bad feedback as im hoping we can get this sorted out, thankyou for your patients im hoping this is everything you need if there is anything else please contact me


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User is going to refund you 5m.

His t.o.s never got verified and he changed them 10th without permissions of the staff.

User is notified, he has 48 hours to refund you.


Refunding him in 45 minutes, however:


I spoke to Stress about my TOS for workers being verified, and he said that TOS are not required to be verified by staff for worker applications. The TOS on my services thread are verified. The user agreed to my TOS for workers which did not state that he would be refunded based on the circumstances present. What do you mean by I changed them 10th without permissions of the staff? (Didn't quite get that really)



So under what reason exactly now am I refunding hiim?


(Which I am going to do anyway, it's just 5m, would just like a clarification though)

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His TOS state it is 50% refundable if you work for him longer than 3 months. So he isn't obligated to refund you even though the right thing to do would be to refund you.

Great, can the dispute be closed then since I am at no wrong here because these are the terms he agreed to orginially. I even offered him a 50% refund even though he's only been with me for 5 days but he didn't seem to like that and wants a 100% refund. It is up to me if I'd like to refund him or not and if he didn't like my terms, he shouldn't have agreed to my terms anyways.

In addition he made 34m off my services and still wants his 5m refund back? I think that's just not fair seeing as he comes for 5 days gets amazing orders in hope that he'll be with me for a long time and then just decides to leave with his deposit? It puts me in a situation where I have too many orders coming in now and less workers because I wasn't trying as hard to look for workers since he was on the team.

Requesting a close on this dispute please.

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