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PC on starter Zerker


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Just a PC on my Zerker I've made so far. There's nothing that special; two 99's cooking and fletching. 88 Magic, 44 defence, 89 crafting. Lunar Diplomacy has been done, with two recipe for disaster sub quests. 90+ quest points with horror from the deep completed, 1200+ total level, and 0 on the ban meter. It would come with original email aswell. 


Attack/Str/Hp/Range are below 50. 



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Is the 44 def full quested?


Yeah, dragon slayer, holy grail, nature spirit and fremennik trials. There might be a few others but I don't think so. I made sure I calculated the quests I wanted, probably could've gone without holy grail. But you'd be able to get Heroes quest, along with in aid/search of myreque for barrows, with 5k xp left over or so. But it was between holy grail or those other sort of pointless quests like olaf's quest, between a rock etc...

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