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BETA v1.2.1


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I'm please to announce that BETA v1.2.1 has been released.

Amongst the features of this release are included:

    [*]Java scripting support (build in compiling not supported on the obfuscated jar yet) [*]Built-in interface explorer [*]Fixed walking [*]New walking API [*]Overall extension of API features to allow for more customization [*]Tweaked, extended and fixed bugs in the banking API [*]All object interaction now works [*]Tabs work 100% now [*]Item ids now are the same as ground items (so change your bank and inventory ids to id - 1) [*]Combat hooks (including splats and last hit) [*]onLoop() bug-fix [*]Remote SDN (will not be enabled initially) [*]Random events will deployed and updated automatically by SDN [*]Skill levels and experience hooks [*]and more...


Make sure you read the new java docs, there are additions and new documentation you might want to read.

Download can be found here: http://osbot.org
Make sure you refresh the page with CTRL + R in case the page was cached on your end. If that doesn't work, clear your browsers cache.


Maxi and the OSBot.org team

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