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Nonchalant warning and venting - former drug addict

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Alprazolam (generic: Xanax) has been my guilty pleasure recently. I'm 19, ~250, 6'1, and somewhat experienced with drugs. Most recently I've discovered xanax. My second time using xanax I took it with dxm (dextromorphan) and smoked a little bit of bud on the side. I was cool, I took 2mg of xanax and around 500mg of dxm, smoked maybe a half gram. I was cool. I loved it, but wanted a bit more. The next day I resorted to taking Gabapentin (generic: Neurontin) as I have been for the past month. I usually take anywhere from 2,000-4,000mg. I took 10 300mg capsules about an hour after taking 3 xanax. 10 minutes later I decided to break up 9 more capsules and i mixed it with lemonade (fresh, for the citrus), then took 2 more 300mg capsules. I washed the capsules down with some syrup (w/ codein). This totaled to 6,300mg of gabapentin, along with 3mg of xanax, which, led to 3 more 1mg bars, totaling 6mg of xanax, and about 1/4 a bottle of cough syrup with codeine. I blacked out some time along this point. I told my parents that I needed to talk to them, and was almost in tears sitting in the living room with my mom, dad, and brother. This was maybe 2 hours after all of that was consumed. My parents came into my room and i was crying, then told them i was going to kill myself. I remember my mom crying and then the police showing up. They talked to me and ended up driving me to the only hospital nearby who would take me in (as I had been considered an overdose patient, due to my intake). I was admitted and held for 72 hours on a 51/50 (labelled as being an endangerment to yourself) and to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. I, never in my life, have wanted to, or had thoughts about, killing myself. I laid in bed for the next 50 hours, detoxing from the gabapentin, trying to sleep (unable to due to the fact that there was a detoxing heroin addict in the same room as me). Once my 50 hours of hell was up (no cell phone or phone use at this time), I was transferred into a level 2 behavioral health services unit. I was in a room with a former marine with severe PTSD, a schizophrenic (who also used gabapentin recreationally, and taught me a lot about how pills work and what I did wrong), and some guy who looked like the little black girl with a face so big someone photoshopped a watermelon behind her nostrils, not sure if anyone remembers that, but it was not a sight to see.

On my way out, after being diagnosed as perfectly sane and just an overdose patient, I was approached by an asian woman. She started talking to me (I noticed she was really shy, being a sane person I was VERY skeptical about everyone as I didn't know what kind of crazy fucks I was going to have to deal with), then asked if I felt a spark. I was confused, partially from the ativan (lorezapam) my nurse gave to me for anxiety, and thought she was most likely suicidal and that I should probably try to be nice. I told her I had a girlfriend and she said that she probably shouldn't have said anything. I said never say never and smiled and then she smiled. I looked away cause it was pretty weird and I still didn't know what was wrong with her. 5 seconds later her husband walks in and introduces me. What the fuck just happened?

Turns out once I combined the xanax with the gabapentin (both working with the GABA), I blacked out, meaning that the additional 3,300mg of gabapentin, cough syrup, and 3mg of xanax were all done without being conscious. If you're ever going to combine do yourself a favor and do some serious research on the combinations. I was deemed suicidal for 72 hours, by the state. If I left, I would've been arrested, if I was evaluated as having mental health issues in any way, I would've been held for further evaluation. Solely marijuana it is... and loving it I am. [7]

tl;dr fuck pharms save money

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