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how much would 85 mining,76 fishing and 73 hunter accounts cost?


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I am currently buying many level 60+ wood cutting accounts.

Might want to get into gold farming mining,fishing and hunter though and would like to know price per account(assuming there's no members included).


These accounts would have to have no black marks and preferably no email attached(shouldn't be too hard since most bot accounts are designed to be throwaway accounts).


Just to clarify I am asking about accounts with one of the following 3 skill levels(not all 3 on one account).


Thanks in advance

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Wanting a price for hand done or botted? Add my Skype - impensus.pb to discuss

I wasn't really looking for a service, but I might consider it.

To clarify I would primarily want accounts already finished.

Ideally by hand but if botted it would have to have not been botted for at least two weeks, by the time I buy it(this to ensure I can be reasonably sure it won't get banned before I pay off the account and bond).

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