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FML car problems lol



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  1. 1. should i get a motorcycle

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soo i bought a new 2012 nissan 370z about 3 weeks ago with 1k miles .
i didnt drive it sicne i took it to the shop to get it painted and new rims put on windows tinted and a new amp hooked up.
i got it back 3 days ago and never drove it after i got home. so today i decide to drive it i get half way to work and my mother freaking car shuts off and something scraps the ground in the middle of a intersection. wont start lights wont even come on so i try to push it to the side of the road wont even move. its very low to the ground so i look under neath and see something odd scraping the floor but cant believe it. i then pop my hood to see what the hell it is..... and my WHOLE fucking engine has fallen and is preventing me from moving the car. L O L ! to make it even worse there were these two amazingly beautiful girls standing at the bus stop as it happened. which made me refuse to get out my car at first bc i looked dumb as hell... good thing is nothing happened to my engine and it is now in the shop getting fixed up as well as everything else getting checked FREE OF CHARGE. <- i wasnt going to pay that shit anyway i was ready to sue the damn dealer.

funny thiing is about 4 hrs before that my old hyundai sonata 2006's alternator went just 1 month after getting it replaced..
i think im just going to get a damn motorcycle and call it a day. 
my brother has pics as my phone was dead and i will upload them whenever he comes back home he's in atlantic city right now.

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you got it done up before you even drove it? wtf lol

haha yea man i helped my grandmother win a 100k grant for her business and she gave me 15k (after i bought the car) so i went on a shopping spree for my car. tbh i wanted it to look like it did on Need for speed lmfao . 


edit- i almost shit my self thinking the car was fucked tho . next time ill be sure to drive it for a while before any customizations. really dumb on my part

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