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Buying CSGO Skins for Gold 2007 RS got 72m

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yo i got some skins bro, i got like Redline awp,ak 47. stickers on em and shit. erm loads ill pm u smile.png


they all got cool names:


''Antique Juan Deag'' <-- deagle obv has sick sticker "Sticker: ESL Wolf (Foil) | Katowice 2014" on hand guard smile.png

''Nintendo DS''  <--- for m4 nitro. "Nintendo DS was named Project "NITRO" before it was release"

 ''-Black Beauty-'' <---- awp has 4 stickers on it also all red ones look sick

''BoomHeadshot!'' <--- ak47 has 4 virtus pro stickers smile.png

''Magical Spray !'' M4a4 has fight like a girl sticker

''PussyDestroyer90'' <---- p90 trigon. has head shot gauranteed sticker



They have £15 market value at the moment, thats at cheapest. i would like 15m for them as they all tagged and stickerd up =]



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