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Strange client freeze v1.061


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I've been using v1.061 the past 2 days to test a script while I waited for some servers I purchased to come online. I've botted for a total of about 4 hours and 3 times this freeze has happened.


The RS client I'm attaching to goes completely black:



On the actual osbot client, the screen is frozen but the paint is still going, i.e the time ran is increasing and the profit per hour is decreasing.


The only time I've ever had crashes on the mirror client was due to a VPS's CPU not being able to handle running it for a longer period of time. When those crashes happened, the client I was hooking to would close down and the the game screen on osbot would be gray since the bot instance was gone.


The CPU/RAM was not a problem in this case. This clearly must be a 1.061 specific bug because I've never had this happen before on any previous versions.



Edit: Everytime this happens, on the osbot screen it has the "Loading-please wait" in the top left corner. This freezing may be caused when the account is entering a new area.


Edit2: This happens on 1.061 AND 1.07, does NOT happen on 1.055

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