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Road to a Gaming PC

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  • Im currently with the goal of buying a PC, and will start botting towards it. 
  • May 24, 2015:

    Bought 8 accounts, off tutorial island to start botting, started to research a private method and looking VPS.

  • May 25. 2015:

    Started to work on 4 accounts, 2 on each of my basic methods. The money would be used on a VPS. The accounts in 2 hours produced a bit of 150k


  • Spent: 400k
  • Goal: 0/500M


As requested the computer specs:


$600 (First option)




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Got any ideas at the moment for your computer? Any specs? 


1st option updated!

Good luck, and keep us updated with your progress QwPha8E.png


I will! 

good luck mate am on a similar goal as you let me know what vps you find and how to set up etc 


I will keep updated, of which VPS i buy.

Good luck man, you can do this biggrin.png


I think i can!

Good luck man, if you need any help with specs or putting it together just pm me. Built mine about 1 month ago and its fucking amazing. Spent $1,700 CAD tho... lol


Sure, i would ask you if i need any tips.

Good luck! wink.png



Good luck man, you should add the computer parts in ur thread! ^^



Good luck!



Good luck, keep us up to date happy.png


Thanks, i would!

Goodluck mate, looking forward for updates!!


Thanks for your support!

Good luck man!!!


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