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Policy for third party SPI

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I've heard pre-compiled code is not allowed in the SDN. Does this mean we are not allowed to create our own API/SPI for OSBot distributed through JARs?
Assuming we were allowed to, are scripts allowed to extend upon a subclass of Script? Such as:
abstract class ExtendedScript extends Script {


public final class MyScript extends ExtendedScript {


I'm pretty sure I could test the second one myself if I were on a computer; sorry for the inconvenience.


Are there any exceptions, or possibly a way to get permission, for these actions?

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how is that a work around?  that is what is supported.  and how is having a dependencies package and a scripts package clutter?

It's a work around for how it should be handled, which is why I also asked if there were any exceptions to this, such as getting permission. And the SPI I intend to release has 15+ packages. Adding that to a project consisting of only a few classes is definitely a problem in my eyes.

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its not about the code, its about the rules and then they would have to make an exception for everyone. which they aren't going to do

The rules state:

"Authentication systems, script loaders, and distribution systems need prior approval from any Admin and/or Developer"

So I'm not 100% sure about that. I'll wait for a developer to reply

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