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For all people that are having issues loading scripts on mac!! *FIX*

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Hello Mac Users,

I found a fix for the issue. As you all know the texteditor that comes with standard mac does not let you save the .groovy files properly.

To fix this, first of all download this other text editor called Text Mate which will allow you to do this with a special plugin installed.

Download for TextMate is found here:


After this go on this website:


press on available from github to download the plugin. Follow the instructions on the screen. Install the bundle, then when you are done simply get the source from a script, paste it into the textbox in TextMate, save as scriptname.groovy directly under the scripts folder and voila!

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 "Follow the instructions on the screen. Install the bundle" I do not understand this part. There are two Instructions, one with git and one without, I have downloaded Textmate, Do I follow instructions with git or without? and I do not understand both instructions.. someone make it simpler please lol, Im having a brain fart

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