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<Decavilles NMZ Account Service>


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Decavilles NMZ Account Service!

What will i do?

I will create NMZ ready hosting accounts for you to use.
The three main types of accounts i will be making will be:

  • MTD Hoster 
  • Demon Hoster
  • Guthans Hoster

How long will it take?

Depending on the account type you want it may take anything from 8hrs to 2 days, but never over 2 days.

What will it cost?
All prices are subject of discussion.

  • MTD Hoster - 5m OS07 GP
  • Demon Hoster - 6m OS07 GP
  • Guthans Hoster - 7m OS07GP

Will you make the account and supply it with membership?
For trusted members of this forum i am willing to supply the account with 14 days of membership aswell as me going first in the trade in the return of positive feedback.


Where can i contact you?

If you have any questions about my service or if you would like to order a NMZ account feel free to add my skype!

Skype: Gyrkish

--- Feedback ---

--- Succesful Trades ---



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