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[Zerker Progress] Zerker In The Making [STREAM?]


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Hey err body, i recently decided to make a zerker and thought what if i was to stream it. Do you think it would be worth watching? Would you be interested? Doing quest and such,


Guide : http://osbot.org/forum/topic/72406-zerker-guide-repost/


Leave the feedback! Thanks


EDIT: Do not mean stream every single last thing i do. But here and there, Also even post a progress thread on OSBot?

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only thing is you gotta make sure your active in the chat answering people questions and being really energetic about it. If your dry and like oh yea i played scape once... people wont want to watch.


My main concern would be getting reported by people who just w.e which means blocking my name out 24/7 lol

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If you were to stream it that would be sick, another good idea would be to make progress vids for youtube. Both would be enjoyable to watch tho. Good luck man, keep us updated.








Gonna start vids too! Thanks for the feed back everyone

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