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fooshi trying to scam

bogla muffy

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Disputed member: http://osbot.org/forum/user/167967-fooshi/?tab=feedback

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Explanation: bought 25m 07 from our website is now filing a dispute after he got his gold

Evidence: dipsute on paypal



(removed personal info)


chat with him on live chat  http://gyazo.com/8289133888297a6703388802c25a4883



 only proof i have it's him is this post here http://puu.sh/hMGYd/1fc35e8957.png where he talks about   how he couldn't access g mail in live chat  when he   confirmed his order  and the feed back he left http://puu.sh/hMHbm/2374f2adb7.png i do have his ip from live chat if any mods want it pmed to him to see if it matches

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user messaged me on skype and said he was hacked after and that person used his paypal to buy over $2000  in goods . he says paypal is the one who opened the dispute with all the other disputes from the hack and he plans to plan us back after he sorts paypal.  now waiting to see if he will follow though with his plans 

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