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VPS with multiple IP addresses

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Hey everyone, i'm kinda stuck here wacko.png

I bought a VPS with 4 IP's thinking "Hey great! 4 IP's, 4 bots, easy!". So I bought the VPS and realised I have no idea how I take advantage of my other IP's. So I have a question for the clued up people here, can I use these IP's as proxies to run OSbot like I originally thought? If so is there a tutorial out there that you know about?

Thanks for your time! <3

- Higgings

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Thought I done it for a second, but whenever I connect to the proxy, it uses the main IP.



The main IP is

The proxy i'm trying to use is


I use in my internet options (windows) and check my IP on whatsmyip.org it comes up with instead of The same story with the third proxy,


Looking for any suggestions atm

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