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An error has occurred while loading hooks

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Whenever i open mirror client and open osrs client. keeps showing this "An error has occurred while loading hooks".




at org.osbot.PRn.iIIiIIIiII(jh:58)
at org.osbot.cOm3.IIiIIiIiiI(gf:1)
at org.osbot.COm3.iIIiIIIiII(af:56)
at org.osbot.BotApplication.iIIiiIIiii(oq:250)
at org.osbot.BotApplication.main(oq:202)
[iNFO][05/08 09:18:05 PM]: Loaded 0 local scripts and 0 custom random solvers!
[iNFO][05/08 09:18:06 PM]: Updated injection hooks for client revision : 78!
[iNFO][05/08 09:18:06 PM]: You have 6 SDN scripts loaded.
[iNFO][05/08 09:18:07 PM]: There are 142 scripts on the SDN.
[DEBUG][05/08 09:18:07 PM]: OSBot is now ready!
My osrs client also stops loading half way and freezes sometimes
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