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Detecting an open widget over the game screen.

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I've really gotta explore the API more, I rewrote half the methods in the widgets class... thanks lol



Edit: widgets.closeOpenInterface(); doesn't close The collect, Sets, or GE History widgets however.





In case your bank interaction misclicks ^^

//close collectionbox (by Botre)

RS2Widget collectionBox = getWidgets().get(402, 2, 11);

if (collectionBox != null && collectionBox.isVisible()) {



And this one by @Novak

//close noticeboard (by Novak)

RS2Widget noticeBoard = script.getWidgets().get(220, 16);

if(noticeBoard != null && noticeBoard.isVisible()) {




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Thanks, I just rewrote mine to check if any wrong interface is open using the sprite of the close button, because it can also misclick the GE in my bot and I didn't want to make a bunch of cases as the Sets and History widgets have different children IDs:

if (!isGEOpen() && !isBankOpen() && widgets.containingSprite(535).size() > 0) {
    if (containsSelection(548, 94, "Toggle Run", true)) {
        interactInterface(548, 94, "Toggle Run");
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