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Cannot add a new account, am I missing somthing?

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Hey guys, so when I try to add a new account in "Settings> Accounts> New Accounts", It wont save my account details to bot. It just keeps the default account. I cannot even edit the Default account, as it will not save.


I put the details in for my account, hit "new account". And all the details are wiped, leaving "default" as the onl  account on the list (of accounts).



I cannot bot sad.png


I am coming back to botting in a while, so it could be that I am missing something simple.


Please Help, Many thanks

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when the bot is booted up go, account>new account, type in info>save

Thank you so much. Sorry for noob question.


For anyone experiencing the same problem. 


Open Osbot> Click on the Plus sign > (If it only shows "default" for the accounts selector window) Minimise this window > Settings (On main OSBot window)> Type Details > Hit save.


Done :)


Thx Nic

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