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Buying 07gp - Any amounts! $2.3/m

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Sooo, as the title states, I want to be really sad and buy 100m 07..I've made several purchases from Bogla gold, thought it's time I actually just buy bulk(ish), and try to make myself feel less guilty by obtaining a marginally better rate.

I will go first for trusted members, otherwise we'll use a middleman at your expense.

My skype is: dale9178 - feel free to add me and discuss

Paying a flat $2.30/m


Can pay via verified Paypal, BTC or UK bank transfer.


ACCEPTING ANY AMOUNTS..Buying up to 100m..(if you can sell 150 though at a good rate I'm interested). If you want to do that amount in increments, I'm also willing to do that.


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