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Scripting and Random Function

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One common theme I noticed is the lack of changing the seed for the random function within a script.


When the script loads up, many scripters create a random object to handle tasks.  The issue is the random function operates uniformly, meaning that over so many iterations it is easy to tell that it is a bot.

I decided to loop 100 times a randomized seed to show you what the iterations look like:


Regardless of what you do, the seed will result in an exact same sequence of actions.  My suggestion, randomize the seed while the program operates to dynamically change reactions, actions and wait times.


Imagine if we left the seed 0 and ran it for 6 hours, eventually over test periods we will be able to determine that it is not a person.  If we change the seed used, we can get what we see below, with a possible seed between 0-1,000,000 changing constantly, we'll never have a 100% identical operation.




Take this users script for example: http://osbot.org/forum/topic/68652-intel-yew-chopper-draynor-village/


His script is static, meaning on load it uses the same seed throughout.  Nothing changes and over 6 hours, it will be noticeable.

Take my 100 iterations and turn those into 100 actions that is completed in say 30 minutes.  200 actions = 1 hour.  6 hours = 1,200 actions.  You then have one single display (within the graph) occurring a total of 12 times.  People don't do that.

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My seeds constantly change in my scripts also wink.png


Smart, this is more of a calling out to those who don't.  I see too many scripts and have seen too many scripts that don't do these types of things.


I'm also considering dusting off my java skills and jumping from C# back into Java to give scripting here a try.  Might help pass the time on being bored.  lol.

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